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Drop down, or suspended ceilings are one of the most popular types of ceilings. They are available in many different sizes and styles and can transform even an ordinary room into something spectacular. Nowadays, many homeowners want to make ceilings the focal point of their rooms. However, ceilings used to be the most neglected part of any house just a few years back. People would just paint the ceilings white, making one of the most important parts of their house look gloomy and sad.

Nowadays, ceiling design have become an important part for your house. In this regard, suspended or vaulted ceilings have become increasingly popular over the years. As the name suggests, a suspended ceiling is an extra ceiling built under the main one. Most homeowners tend to install concealed or mood-lights on these ceilings. You can also install drop ceiling tiles to enhance the look and aura of these ceilings.

Dropdown Ceilings’ Designs and Styles:

These ceilings are also available in wide variety of designs, patterns, and shapes. Similarly, they are available in many different materials such as ceramic, concentrated plastic, asbestos, fibreboard, metal, and stone, etc. All these types of drop ceilings have their merits and demerits. You should choose the one which suits your particular taste, budget and most importantly, complements the overall décor of your home.

Modern Ceiling Tiles For Luxury Rooms

by Natalie Kirkpatrick Design, LLC

Fibreboard Ceiling Tiles:

Fibreboard ceiling tiles are one of the best and most beautiful drop ceiling tiles you can use in your home. They can please the aesthetic sense of even the most cynical of observers. They are fireproof, and some of their types have amazing soundproof features as well. You can easily use them in places like bedrooms, dining rooms, libraries and any other room which needs to have low sound levels.

Modern Ceiling Tiles For Luxury Rooms

by Melyssa Robert Designer

Decorative Dropdown Tiles:

If you want to impart an ornamental and attractive look to your ceiling, you should go for decorative tiles. Just like their fibreboard counterparts, these tiles are also very popular among the home homeowners. Decorative ceilings make your room fresh and induce a feeling of brilliance in the surroundings.

Modern Ceiling Tiles For Luxury Rooms

by Eminent Interior Design

Glass Dropdown Tiles:

Glass tiles are the perfect option if you want to spruce up the look of your ceiling and hence, the room. These tiles are relatively expensive but ideal for minimalistic modernistic rooms. In fact, you can use them in any room be it is a living room, kitchen, drawing room or even in a bedroom. They make even a small room look bigger by reflecting light in all directions. They are ideal for small rooms with inadequate intake of natural light. To get an elegant and sleek look, consider using high gloss or translucent tiles.

Cheap Options:

Apart from above mentioned types of drop ceiling tiles, there are many affordable options as well. The best place to find cheap drop ceiling tiles are the stores which offer sales on home improvement materials. You can easily find many different types and designs of drop ceiling tiles at very nominal rates. One of these types includes textured ceiling tiles. Obviously, these tiles are much more attractive than the plain tiles. However, they are very difficult tough to clean as compared to the plain tiles.

Modern Ceiling Tiles For Luxury Rooms

by LaRue Architects

Another excellent idea is to decorate your room ceilings, especially that of bathrooms, with translucent tiles. On the other hand, wavy tiles help you create a stunning and awe-inspiring room ambiance. Wavy tiles are the latest addition to the long list of drop-down ceiling tiles types. They are exquisite to look at and widely used in high-end boutiques and restaurants.

Last but not the least; you should leave the installation of drop ceiling tiles to the professionals because it requires a considerable amount of skill and professionalism. Rest assured, installing drop tiles on your ceiling will be one of the best decisions you would ever take when it comes to renovating your house.

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