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This is a good time to get acquainted if you have yet to consider wainscoting for your interior. Not only does it deliver a graceful and elegant touch to any room, it also serves a practical side by acting as an insulation and protecting the bare walls behind from knocks and scratches.

Starting way back in the 1300’s, this form of wood panelling has continued to flourish till today. There are currently many variations to using wood panels (it originally started with wainscot oak panels). From plastic to MDFs and acrylic to tiles, it’s really a matter of preference rather than a lack of choices these days.

For seasoned craftspeople, this will be something that’s relatively easy to master. However, if you’re uncertain about your skills, it’ll definitely be better to hire a contractor to save on time and effort. Now that you’ve gotten an idea of wainscoting, let’s get started with some great styles and types for your home.

Install a Feature Wall

7 Fantastic Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

There are many types of wainscoting designs available, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a focus point in a room where an entire wall takes centre stage. For best effect, consider a striking or complimentary colour from the rest of the walls in the room. Starting with a theme (e.g. classical, contemporary, modern, etc.) will help give you a better idea of what materials and accessories to work with.

Complimentary Wainscoting

If your room already has enough going for it, the application of wainscoting should serve as a complimentary feature instead. Since there are many types of wainscoting available, you’ll have to select one that best fits your design and theme. Rather than settling on just one size and shape, you can also consider a mix of squares and rectangles in a neutral palette or tone.

Giving it a Practical Twist

7 Fantastic Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

Other than covering up your walls, you’ll be surprised how the application of wainscoting can easily be turned into a functional design. By extending the moulding or top rail, you can easily place items or decorative pieces to showcase. Since the height of any wainscoting panel is really up to you, this proves to be a versatile option suited for any part of the house. Adding extenders, knobs and any other features using the same material gives a nice little personal touch without breaking the bank.


7 Fantastic Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

There are many wainscoting applications out there that adhere to the idea of a single pattern, but it’s also fun to play around with more than one type of panelling. In this instance, the beadboard panelling on the lower half lends a simple and rustic feel to room. It’s also beautifully complimented with a lighter, horizontal panelling that reaches to the ceiling. Add two faux rafters and a feature wainscot drawer to the mix and you’ll have the perfect room.

Say It With Tiles

Since wainscoting isn’t limited to wooden panels, you can always choose to tile up. Not only is it easier to clean and maintain, it also provides a nice and smooth finish to any room. Popular interior spaces for tiles are usually the bathroom and kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize rougher glazed tiles as a feature. You can choose to go right up to the ceiling or maintain it at about shoulder height to protect your walls from spills and knocks.

Pamper Your Ceiling

7 Fantastic Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

Looking up at your ceiling has never been this therapeutic. Achieve a clean, simple look with beadboard panels or a classical feel with raised panels or overlays. You can choose to wainscot the walls with the same style, or you can choose to let your ceiling do the talking this time round.

Jazz Up Your Furniture

7 Fantastic Wainscoting Ideas For Your Home

Bring your design ideas to the next level with wainscot furniture. Not only does it lend a binding element to your wainscot walls, it’s also an eye feature all on its own. Wood panelling is a popular choice as it provides a warm touch and it’s also easier to install on movable pieces.

With so many varied styles and materials to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of ideas. Just remember to select something that compliments your own style and maybe even the surrounding areas of your home.

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